People of Frey Electric: The Sciandras – A Family Of Power

Original Post: May 4, 2017


If you’ve worked with Frey Electric, chances are that a Sciandra was part of your project.   Like the Freys and Braunscheidels, the Sciandras are also a three generation electrical family.  The Sciandra family grew up in the Lovejoy neighborhood on Buffalo’s east side.  Salvatore Sr., respectfully referred to as #1, was their main inspiration, both personally and professionally.


Their electrical tradition started with Salvatore Sr.  He joined the IBEW in the early 1950’s, fought in Korea and then returned to the electrical trade in 1954.  He was a full time electrician until 1969, whereupon he started teaching trade electricity at Potter Road School.   During his time teaching, he continued to work summers as an electrician until 1972.  He retired from teaching in 1990 and passed away in 2015.  Today, there are dozens, if not scores of his former students throughout the electrical industry.


Sal II and his brother Angelo both joined Frey Electric in 2000.  Today, Sal II is the Vice President at Frey Electric, working closely with clients, developers and engineers, along with project managers and estimators.  “Electrical construction has been a part of my whole life.  I started out at 16 years old, wiring houses for Ryan Homes and now I help run the largest electrical construction company in WNY.”


Angelo is a key field foreman for Frey Electric, running many high profile projects including RiverBend – Facilities Management System, Gates Vascular Institute – Building Management System and was in charge at the Fidelis Data Center at Crosspointe.


“My brother Angelo is the best electrician of our family.  My father and I started as electricians, but chose different paths within the industry,” mentions Sal II.  “I’m proud of how well respected Angelo is by both our clients and our workforce.”


Sal II and Angelo aren’t the only Sciandras working for the Frey Electric team.  Sal’s son Anthony is a Project Manager.  He started as an intern during school breaks, then was offered a full time position at the end of his second year of college.  The two projects he’s most proud of are the Coca-Cola Field Sound Upgrades and the adaptive re-use of the Foundry Lofts.  While working full time, Anthony also pursued his bachelor’s degree from the University at Buffalo.


Their strong connection to the industry all stems from one person, Salvatore Sr. or #1.  “Our father led by example, by teaching both of us about electricity and how to develop a strong work ethic,” mentions Sal II.  “He definitely encouraged us to become electricians.”


The Sciandras are avid “Buffalo Backers”, volunteering for non-profits, supporting our sports teams and promoting WNY as a great place to live and work.